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Posted July 15th 2019

While we have had some lovely applicants we would just like to have one more go at finding the right person for our team. It has been really useful to meet people and work out what it is we need. So, here is what we’ve found out: Experience is a must. We are very open to having someone who wants to move to the next level. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have to do the normal running of the office, admin duties but, if in time, you prove yourself to be a superstar then there is room for us to expand the role. Confidence, personality, common sense, passion and generally a can-do attitude is what we need. We really love to enjoy the work and our clients development so if you think you can add then please do send your details.

I am away on holiday for two weeks so take your time and I promise to jump back in as soon as I return.

Currently not accepting any more applications

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