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A possible solution to eradicate non payers

By PaulByram
A possible solution to eradicate non payers

Following on from a recent thread with regard to certain companies either not paying or taking excessive amounts of time to pay it seems to me that we could have a potential solution.
I propose that a ratings/feedback system could be introduced to the Spotlight allowing us to provide direct feedback in relation to the speed at which companies pay. This information could be made available to Casting Directors whom often are unaware that a job they have cast has never paid out (unless of course they didn’t get paid as well!) and it may make them think twice about working with these people.
This would need discussion of course with both the Spotlight and the CDG however I do think it is worth talking about. I learned through the PMA website approximately 1 week after invoicing that the company I had invoiced have a reputation for paying well past the agreed terms or not paying at all. Had some type of scoring system been available I would have steered clear of the brief entirely as I am sure many other agents would do, this would either force the offending companies to pay promptly or it would force them out of the business entirely if they couldn’t get actors to work for them.
It may seem a simplistic approach but often the simplest ideas are the best and I do believe it is worth us talking about.
I am very keen to hear the opinions of others.