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Agenda for Artist Meeting, Jan 27th, 2016

By Catherine Considine
Agenda for Artist Meeting, Jan 27th, 2016

Hi Everyone,
Agenda for next week’s Artists’ meeting is below.
Look forward to seeing you there, if possible …
Agenda for Artists’ Meeting
Wednesday, January 27th 2016
From 1pm – 2.30pm
At St Anne’s, Soho (55 Dean Street)
1. Welcome
2. SOLT working group: audition expenses (Fiona K-O and James Penford)
3. Subsidised theatre: touring without understudies (Jessica Carney)
4. Creative Diversity Network / Diversity Workgroup
5. Equity – updates
6. New Cinema Agreement (Fred Reed)
7. BECS payments (Fred Reed and Steve Kenis)
8. Artist agents welcome to attend next D&D meeting (Feb 10th). Peter Salmon will be attending to discuss BBC Studios.
9. AOB