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Agenda for Artist Meeting, Weds Oct 8th

By Catherine Considine
Agenda for Artist Meeting, Weds Oct 8th

Hi All,
Below is an agenda for Wednesday’s Artist meeting. Hope to see you there.
Agenda for Artists Meeting
October 8th, 1pm – 2.30pm
At the Groucho Club
1pm: Presentation and Discussion with Gary Marsh, Breakdown Services
Gary will be presenting a view of how casting and agents see and use Breakdown Service, an electronic submission system in North America and how they are coordinating with Spotlight.
1.45pm PMA Updates
1. Merchandising Clauses/Call the Midwife (Debi Allen)
3. Filming of West End shows for Cinematic/ TV Release (James Penford)
4. Commercials, Pay Categories (Fiona Keddie Ord)
5. Supernumeraries (PMA member query)
2.20pm AOB