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By Catherine Considine

Please see below from LOUISE CANN, BBC
From late February 2013, there will be changes to the way all “off air” Freelancers engaged by the BBC will manage their contracts and claim payments.
This will also affect Agents who look after the business affairs of those Freelancers.
The benefits of the changes will be
• A faster process for freelancers joining and re-joining the BBC
• Freelancers/Agents will have clear online visibility of BBC payments and bookings
• no further requirement for paper invoices or Purchase Order Numbers
• an end to the avalanche of paperwork which currently accompanies each off air booking
Once the changes come into force:
• Contracts and booking information will be sent out by email and will have to be accepted electronically
• Paper invoicing will be replaced by an electronic process to claim payments through a secure website, the Freelance Payment Portal (FPP)
• Agents will be responsible for making sure the information on the BBC system is accurate and up-to-date for any freelancers for whom they are managing the administration
• Agents will get a monthly statement sent by post which will set out all the payments made to their freelancers.
• Any bookings made before the system switchover will continue to be managed in the ‘old’ way via purchase orders and invoices or Supplier Self Service
In order to make sure that Agents representing “off air” talent who work for the BBC have the information they need, the BBC are emailing Agents directly to invite them to a briefing session from 6pm on 22nd January, venue tba. Please contact if you would like to attend.
There is some information about the changes on the BBC website
Louise Cann
HR Business Partner, BBC People
Flexible Workforce Project
mobile 07711 912683