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BBC Trust – Talent Review Revisited

By Catherine Considine
BBC Trust – Talent Review Revisited

The following is from one of the consultancy appointed to work on the BBC Trust’s talent review. Victoria Flemington (consultant) is keen to speak to agents – please contact her directly if you’d like to be involved.
From Victoria, Flemington:
Oliver & Ohlbaum Associates Ltd has been appointed by the BBC Trust to conduct its talent review work. It is now over six years since we did the original piece of work for the BBC Trust about the BBC’s approach to talent. Since then, a lot of things have happened. Given that there’s been so much change, the Trust has decided to revisit the issue and look at how the BBC fits in today’s talent market.
As part of this we’re talking to a number of industry stakeholders. These conversations will be confidential and unattributed, but will inform our findings and recommendations – so it’s your chance to contribute and have your say, if you want to. Oliver & Ohlbaum might already have been in contact with your organisation to arrange either a face to face or a phone interview. Please bear in mind we can’t talk to everyone and that interviews are being scheduled now for July and early August 2014. Contact if you would like to explore being part of this review.
Victoria Flemington
Commercial Director
Oliver & Ohlbaum Associates Ltd
T: +44 (0)20 7313 5903