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By JamesPenford

Please see below an email from Hilary Hadley at Equity regarding the above project.
Dear James,
Here is a short e-mail following our telephone conversation which I would be grateful if you could send round all PMA Agents who have a client in Billy Elliot and have contacted you.
Equity negotiated the minimum terms for this live recording intended primarily for worldwide theatric (cinema) release over a period of more than a year, with the project being abandoned for some months before being picked up again in March 2014. It was made very clear to Equity that money was very tight from the outset.
We crafted a minimum terms agreement based on the PACT/Equity TV Agreement as follows:
£898 covers 1 UK terrestrial broadcast plus one repeat transmission
£180 covers unlimited worldwide theatric use for six months
£314 Rest of the world for 7 years
£135 covers PBS Network transmission for seven years
£117 covers DVD sales for seven years
Additional rights acquired to extend license periods as follows
Extension of period of use on UK terrestrial to one year
Worldwide theatric use from six months to one year
Rest of the world to 15 years with VOD/Free Pay/Theatrical clip rights
PBS extended to 15 years
DVD sales extended to 15 years
Unfortunately I understand an offer letter has gone out which is misleading, and I have currently raised this with Jon Finn of Chewing Monkey who confirms that what is set out above is his understanding, but is checking with Universal. If it is not Universal’s understanding then I am afraid the project can go no further! It is unlikely that I will be able to confirm one way or another until Monday.
I further understand that the cast met with Jon Finn without Equity present and at that meeting an offer was made that on recoupment then a further £1,000 would be paid. Whilst this is welcome, this agreement does need to come through Equity to ensure it is both transparent and auditable and part of the contractual terms.
I am advised that there is concern that Equity did not tell the cast that they were negotiating on their behalf. We certainly did not want to tell them and raise expectations if the project was not to come to fruition. However once it was clear that an agreement would be made, Equity did give advance warning to the cast through the Equity Deputies who are our liaison with all members of the cast.
I do agree that it would have been useful to let the PMA know that we were setting the minimum floor, so that they at least had advance warning from us, particularly if their client did not know or did not advise them.
It is of course Equity’s expectation that Agents will be able to negotiate above for their individual clients, and I realise it is frustrating if this has not been possible for all clients. I suspect it will be the constraints of the tight budget that is behind this.
I will contact you again next week and I am grateful for your help in disseminating this information for me.
Best wishes