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Black Mirror – Netflix

By Catherine Considine
Black Mirror – Netflix

Please see below from James Pensford. He is happy to be contacted with any queries (thanks James)
Members might want to check the figures they have been quoted for the 16th year buyout for Black Mirror and Netflix to ensure they have been calculated correctly.
Copied below are the relevant clauses from the Original Make SVOD document from Equity which gives the deemed aggregate amounts for Artist’s and Day-Players which these percentage buyouts should be calculated from.
Thereafter Producer shall be entitled to clear each further year of SVOD exploitation by payment of the following percentages (based on the Artist’s Aggregate Earnings, subject to a deemed minimum Artist’s Aggregate Earnings of £2,000 per week):
UK and US SVOD – each further year 2%
ROW SVOD – each further year 0.5%
3.4. The deemed minimum Artist’s Aggregate Earnings for the purpose of calculating residual payments pursuant to Clause 3.3 above for Day Players shall be £1,000.
Any queries or clarifications – please let me know.
James Penford
Hatton McEwan Penford – 020 3735 8278