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Blood Orange

By Catherine Considine
Blood Orange

Please note info below from Laura Messenger (Equity) via Barry Kim (PACT): Blood Orange is not a PACT/Equity film.
Email from Barry Kim:
Yesterday I have been advised by the production it does not wish to proceed as a registered low budget films. They have stated that this is because they cannot lodge escrow as they do not have the cash flow and will instead be doing their own contracts with the artists.
I have concerns that they have in their possession the signed registration document of very low budget and Equity contracts from another film which they could amend but without a number. If these are issued agents would be of the belief that it is a bone fide film with escrow lodged.
Please warn either agents or cast that this is not a Pact/Equity film – it is as you know very low budget so it might well be they will cast unknown artists.