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Casting Director / Jane Anderson

By Catherine Considine
Casting Director / Jane Anderson

From Jane (please reply to her directly), or as indicated in her message):

Hi All,
So as you know I made the decision a year ago to step away from Casting. Well it appears that no matter how much I try to walk away it pulls me back. So I’ve returned to the fold, continuing with my freelance projects as well as working part time at LAMDA in the newly formed Industry and Career Development Associates team. I’m sharing the role with Kim Wintle, and we’re taking over from the lovely Jo Edwards who has returned to agenting.

In the coming weeks & months I’ll be reaching out to agents to see if they’d like to be involved in panels and career development workshops.

If you’re interested in being a part of these please do let us know by emailing Kim & I on

If you want to attend any of the graduate productions please continue to email

And if you’re not receiving invites for the shows, you can add yourself to the mailing list here:

There are a lot of interesting students in both the BA and MFA in this graduating year.

Hopefully speak to and see you soon