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Casting Networks

By SeanDLynch
Casting Networks

We subbed a client for a (commercial) breakdown via Spotlight and had her called in for casting via a Casting Networks notification sent by the CD. As we don’t subscribe to Casting Networks, we responded by direct email. We received a second notice sent by the CD from Casting Networks saying our client had to fill out a full details profile. As already stated we do not belong to Casting Networks, nor does our client, we again responded by direct email.
The CD contacted us, having not looked at either of our emails, but when we tried to explain our situation and inability (and unwillingness) to communicate via Casting Networks we were told that this particular CD could therefore not use our people in the future. We offered again to supply the information sought directly to the CD but the offer was rebuffed as unnecessary but were told that our client would, as a result of our not using Casting Networks, be “disadvantaged”!
We feel that we are being coerced into signing up with Casting Networks, which we won’t allow to happen and wondered if anyone else had encountered a similar problem?
We will be raising the matter with Spotlight as our understanding is that breakdowns distributed via them should be sustainable to conclusion, if not, there is no reason for them to circulate those breakdowns.