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By Catherine Considine

Please see below from Tim Gale, Equity.
Dear PMA members
I have received a complaint for the IPA (the advertisers’ trade association) about an artist and their agent failing to declare a previous advert when going up for another commercial job. It is alleged by the IPA that this artist ended up appearing in two similar commercials because of this failure to declare a previous advert.
As I have no further details of the artist, their agent or the advertisers involved, I am not in a position to comment on this particular case, which may well not involve either an Equity member or a PMA member.
However, I thought it might be useful to remind everyone that previous work on commercials, provided the artist was featured, must be declared on the Artist’s Declaration Form (or equivalent document). Any previous advert in the last three years will only preclude your artist from doing another one in the same field (i.e. if both adverts are for supermarkets) and should not prevent your artist from appearing as a featured artist in a commercial that is not in the same field. Should you be told something different by a casting director, please contact me and I’ll take appropriate action.
It is in all of our interests to make sure that declarations of previous work are completed accurately and remember that this is part of the artist’s contract with the employer. Failure to declare conflicting work could leave both an artist and an agent exposed to a legal claim for damages from an advertiser, a claim that could be for a significant amount.
If you have any queries on this, please contact me.
Best wishes
Tim Gale
Commercials Organiser
020-7670-0245 –