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Eastenders Payment Structure

By Catherine Considine
Eastenders Payment Structure

Dear All,
Following the meeting at Equity today, the general feeling is that the current EE cast are increasingly more comfortable moving towards a weekly fee structure. We need to ascertain if this is actually the case and it would be useful if we could each ask our clients if they want us to fight to maintain the episodic structure of the show or allow this momentous move to a weekly structure – and then feed that back.
The potential implications of losing the episodic payment structure are enormous for any future actors joining the show but this is something the union are going to have to tackle.
It seems a few actors have already accepted deals but the vast majority are yet to agree to anything. Before we work out the best way forward on Weekly Fee negotiations, it’s important that we are united in either accepting this change of structure or if we stand firm and protect the episodic structure.
Please feed back your/ your clients thoughts to Catherine no later than TOMORROW LUNCHTIME.
Best wishes,