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Eastenders single day fee for multilpe episodes

By BillPetrie
Eastenders single day fee for multilpe episodes

Dear All,
I have been in negotiations for a week now with bookers at the BBC.
My client was offered two episoides of Eastenders to be filmed in a single day (tomorrow 9th August) for a fee of £588
The BBC can do this under Clause 106 B1.
This clause allows the BBC to engage an actor for up to five episodes filmed in a single day.
Therefore the omnibus fee will be based on £588 divided by 5 which means the actor will receive a max of £1176 for 5 episodes which takes this below the minimum of a single day payment.
Equity are aware of the situation and have been supportive however the BBC have withdrawn the offer to my client this morning.
Just want to make everyone aware of the situation.