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Equity – SER Distributions

By Catherine Considine
Equity – SER Distributions

Hello Artists’ Agents,
Please note below from Matt Hood, Equity:
Just to let you know that Equity will be making a distribution of SER monies next week totalling over £2 million. Statements will be sent shortly informing agents and performers of the monies due to them.
This is the first time SER monies will be distributed as contractual payments and will be sent to the contracting agent. PMA members will be beneficiaries of this re-designation, but some performers will likely be concerned as they may be paying commission on these sums for the first time.
We will naturally be happy to answer questions from performers regarding these monies, and very much hope that your fellow PMA members will be supportive of Equity’s new distributions service now that it is fully on stream.
All best wishes
Matt Hood
Assistant General Secretary
+ 44 (0)20 7670 0266