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Fixated risk management training (AKA: the stalker guys)

By Catherine Considine
Fixated risk management training (AKA:  the stalker guys)

Hello Artist Agents,
I don’t mean to be frivolous about serious harassment of clients but everyone seems to know what I’m talking about when I say stalking.
This may be of interest: Theseus (the company who came and spoke with agents a few months ago about fixated risk management) are offering online training. Info from Andrew Wolfe Murray is below, if you are interested please contact Andrew directly:
From Andrew Wolfe Murray, Theseus:
We [Theseus] have been moving our training and education arm forward and have started to deliver training and briefings online. This is working really well and allows us to reach many more clients and management teams across the world far more easily.
I wondered if PMA members might be interested in doing the CTAP training? The two-hour course is charged on a per seat basis and would include the CTAP25 manual, guidance and coding sheet for concerning cases and threats made to the talent.
All the best
Andrew Wolfe Murray
+44 (0)20 7060 5041
+44 (0)7817 384766