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NT Live in Schools

By Philippa Howell
NT Live in Schools

hello, Happy New Year – just copying you into an email from David Sabel at RNT re the proposal to use footage from NT Live that was being discussed before the break
Dear Philippa,
Many thanks for your email and apologies for the delay in replying – I have been away over the holidays. First of all, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year.
I fully appreciate where you are coming from. As you’ll know from NT Live, we are very keen to be generous with any profits generated from these recordings and I am pleased the theatrical exploitation of NT Live is now proving increasingly fruitful in that regard, and we are always keen to pay actors where possible. This particular project has been conceived to be quite restricted for that very reason and is really rooted in providing educational access as part of the public remit of the NT and a purely non-commercial enterprise.
Certainly we would envision that any future situation where the NT benefits financially or there is any commercial exploitation beyond restricted educational use should attract some form of payment.
I can confirm that the NT is not gaining financially from the project; in fact, it will represent a significant investment, both financial and resource-wise (time/staff) etc, to make it happen.
We have had enthusiastic responses from other and so I hope with this confirmation that we can also have your support.
With best wishes,
David Sabel
Director, Broadcast and Digital
Executive Producer, National Theatre Live
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