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PMA working groups (and Drama School guidance document)

By Catherine Considine
PMA working groups (and Drama School guidance document)

In our meeting yesterday I promised to send our recently updated guidance for Graduate, Schools and Agents, which you can find on the PMA website, here:

This document is updated annually, responding to feedback from schools, agents and CDs. New in this year’s version is a note about asking grads to make self-tapes – this follows feedback from schools. Can I also draw your attention to the section about “the pitfalls of submissions” for graduates. This is a hot issue for schools, if they do not allow a grad to leave to do a job. We’ve also become aware that it causes problems for CDs if multiple agents are suggesting one grad, or if the school won’t release them.

This guidance doc is drafted by the PMA Drama Schools working group, with the support of Equity and Spotlight and is shared with agents, Equity, Spotlight, schools and the CDG. This year particularly, we have had very good feedback from schools about how useful this guidance is for graduates.

In the meeting we also heard from other PMA working groups, all currently updating agent guidance. I’ve listed them here for now, but will send more detail about each group with respective guidance documents in due course.

– Racial Awareness Group
– Anti-Harassment Group
– Disability Group

In conjunction with Equity, we also have an LGBTQ group

Thank you to the agents who give their time to this work – your commitment, empathy and experience is invaluable.