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Series repeats on BBC main channels

By JamesPenford
Series repeats on BBC main channels

We’re doing a deal for a BBC 3 series and have asked that if the series is repeated on a terrestrial BBC channel that the residuals be based on a higher engagement fee than the one offered for BBC 3 (usual excuses from the BBC about this being a BBC 3 programme so lower budget)
I’ve been told categorically that the BBC no longer will agree to this – though the booker admitted they have previously.
If anyone has recent examples of this it would be very useful as it seems unfair that they can commission a series and claim it’s a lower budget as a digital channel and then repeat it on a main terrestrial channel for 80% residual of the original low fee.
Thoughts/ examples/sympathy much welcome – 020 7253 4770 or
Thanks and happy Friday!