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The Fall – Series 2

By Catherine Considine
The Fall – Series 2

Please see below from Equity:
Michelle Braidman has recently alerted Equity that Maureen Duff the Casting Director of The Fall Series 2 is circulating the following terms regarding SVOD,
plus 1% on account of UK & US SVOD payment, pending outcome of PACT/Equity negotiations.
SVOD = Subscription video on demand, i.e. in this case, Netflix. PACT and Equity are in negotiations to fix a percentage for this. The negotiations have been going on for months and so far they have not been able to agree. However, when they do come to an agreement, the Artist will receive the balance of the negotiated percentage (i.e. the total negotiated percentage less 1% already paid).
In order to clarify this matter we have been informed via PACT that Netflix are investing in this production in exchange for rights to enable Netflix to make available this title via their subscription service. Whilst the negotiations continue between PACT and Equity to establish an actual percentage rate we consider that the 1% on offer is insufficient and propose that the agents try to negotiate a higher advance payment regarding these SVOD rights.
All best wishes
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BBC Television Organiser
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