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The Kite Runner – Wyndhams Theatre

By Catherine Considine
The Kite Runner – Wyndhams Theatre

Hi Everyone,
I thought you might enjoy some good news on a Friday afternoon – see email below, from Virginia Wilde at Equity. Well done and thanks to all the agents who gathered around this so quickly to get it sorted!
From Virginia:
I am pleased to report that having had some considerable conversation and e-mail exchange with Martin Dodd of UK Productions, they have now agreed to issue a very revised contract which I am satisfied complies fully with the terms of the SOLT/Equity West End Agreement. I think part of their problem was that they were trying to tie people into a very poor touring contract should the production go on tour. So they have done away with all the touring aspects. Should the production go on tour then they will enter into negotiation with the agents. I have pointed out that the touring contract was very challengeable in law and Martin has now reassured me that should they tour they will likely use UK Productions normal touring agreement which very much aligns with the UK Theatre/Equity Commercial Theatre Agreement.
This is all very good news.
Thank you very much to those of you that contacted me so swiftly which allowed us to sort the matter out satisfactorily well in advance of rehearsals starting.
With best wishes
Virginia Wilde
West End Organiser