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TV Commercials

By Catherine Considine
TV Commercials

Please note below from Tim Gale at Equity:
A number of agents have complained to me about their clients having Class 1 NI deducted from their fees but the employer not giving any type of pay-slip or other documentation to cover exactly what has been deducted.
It is arguable that our members should have payslips given to them, as per the requirements of the Employment Rights Act 1996 section 8, although this has not been legally tested and thus not a given.
However, what is not in doubt is that an employer who deducts NI must give the employee (i.e. your client) a P60 form at the end of the tax year.
I would be grateful to hear from PMA members if that is what is happening, so please let me know if you are receiving P60 forms for work done on TV Commercials. You can contact me at
Thank you.
Best wishes
Tim Gale
Commercials Organiser