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Updated list of Suspended Project (with agent groups)

By Catherine Considine
Updated list of Suspended Project (with agent groups)

The following is current list of suspended project, with agents groups.

If you have clients on any of these productions and are experiencing problems, or anticipating problems, please let me know and I can loop you in. (its worth noting that not all production suspensions are causing problems).

If you are in an agent group for a production not on this list, please could you let me know?

It is also worth letting Equity know when you receive a suspension notice, or failing a notice, when you believe a production to be suspended.

Productions with agent groups (to date)

Alien/Mr October
How to Train Your Dragon
The Amateur
The Diplomat

The following have groups, but (to date) do not appear to have any problems, please correct me if this is wrong.

Snow White
A Gentlemen in Moscow