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Working with Disabled and Neurodiverse talent

By Adam Welsh
Working with Disabled and Neurodiverse talent

Hello everyone,

We’re so thrilled to be a part of the PMA! We are Divergent Talent Group, founded in 2021, and we exclusively represent neurodivergent clients.

We’re reaching out to agents with a shared interest in access and inclusion for disabled and neurodiverse talent. After discussing this with other agents, we’re keen on forming a working group, in the first instance to address challenges in deal-making for these artists.

Recently, we encountered an issue where a contract for a Commercial was withdrawn for an neurodivergent artist after suggesting the attachment of a support worker. While the other party cited different reasons for backing out, the timeline suggests otherwise. We’re eager to hear your experiences and collaborate on best practices, especially when a case for litigation or civil action is unclear. Despite incredibly positive progress over the past few years, we’d love to unite and address lingering issues. Looking forward to sharing insights and solutions!

Adam Welsh
Divergent Talent Group