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Associate Agent or Senior Assistant

Posted April 10th 2024

Hamilton Hodell is seeking a highly experienced Associate Agent or Senior Assistant to join the team of one of top talent agents in the UK. The job is hugely rewarding and exciting. It is also time-intensive, stressful and demanding, requiring total commitment, homework and being on-call beyond standard office hours.

Candidates must have at least two years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of British entertainment industry: Studios, Production Companies, Broadcasters, Streamers, Theatres (West End, Subsidised and Regional). They must be well aware of the creative personnel we work with: executives, producers, casting directors, publicists. And they should, in particular, have a good grasp of the UK talent pool, our actors, writers and directors.

Candidates must also have a firm grasp of our UK contracts (PACT/EQUITY TV and CINEMA agreements, BBC contracts and the SOLT agreement).

Above all, they need to passionately love film/television/theatre and have a great respect for talent. The desire to work with and nurture talent must be a vocational imperative.

We seek candidates who are articulate, well read, immersed in film/TV/theatre, display initiative, strong social skills and who are both ambitious and collegial. They should be kind, attentive, hardworking, intuitive, committed and natural problem solvers. Grace under pressure and discretion essential. A sense of humour is helpful.

Our in-house “brand” is To be London’s pre-eminent talent agency, nurturing and cultivating the greatest storytellers and creators of their generation, and we aim to deliver this at the highest level in a warm, professional, efficient and respectful manner. We have built the team carefully to create a friendly, familial environment and all our agents have all been promoted from within the company starting from the ground up — as assistants, receptionists and interns. Including our CEO and partners.

Our staff turnover is extremely low due to job satisfaction and generous compensation. The candidate would be considered on merit for advancement in the company based on performance and other criteria.

The job would including direct contact with acting clients, assisting our CEO in his professional responsibilities, interacting with other agents and associates on the team, and in time, negotiating for clients, attending performances, reading scripts, advising on opportunities, handling all logistical talent needs, arranging work permits, diary managements for CEO and talent, and in general ensuring that problems are resolved as soon as possible and in the most professional manner.

​Please ​send your CV and covering letter to: with the subject line ​’​Associate Agent​ /​ Senior Assistant​’. Deadline for submissions ​- Tuesday 30th April 2024.

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