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By DavidMarsden

Dear All,
Equity sought the views of the PMA late last year with regards to making alterations to the PACT Agreement for the production 24, which would give a reduction in terms. (Referenced in the minutes from the last Artists’ Meeting)
“A number of PMA agents met with Equity to address problems encountered in 2013 – where it was felt Equity made agreements without sufficient consultation with the PMA (specifically this included Daytime Repeats, US Productions coming to the UK and Dr Who cinema release)”.
We strongly rejected the notion of any reduction in terms. Without further consultation, Equity then agreed one amendment to the Agreement with the lawyers at Wiggins which allowed the first TX to be flipped to the US rather than the UK. They rejected further amendments.
This further underpins the need for more volunteers to join the working groups, allowing us to engage with Equity at each stage of all negotiations. It is vital we are able to maintain constant communication with the union – who are of course the actual signatories to the Agreements.
Once again, we’d like to ask agencies to put forward names of those willing to give up their time so that we may continue to present a united front.
Thank you.