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BBC EPK/Behind the scenes footage

By DonnaFrench
BBC EPK/Behind the scenes footage

Dear All
Its me again. I bet you wish Id never learned how to use this website. Here we go with no paragraphs!! Today I had a client on a BBC show and we were told that the EPK team would be on set. Actor agreed to a short interview in the make-up trailer and this was filmed in the usual way with a proper camera. 1 hour later he saw that a smaller camera (which hadnt been used) had been left running since they had left and it had not been mentioned at all. When confronted with this they had assured the actor that no sound had been running and assumed that was ok. The producers knew nothing of this and they were asked to leave the set. I will be discussing at the next PMA meeting as this is very worrying especially as they are now trying to include the additional material clause across the board. I wanted everyone to be aware of this and maybe we should go back to Equity (who had agreed the clause) and get them to amend in light of this incident. Best wishes