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Challenging the terminology – Global Majority. And forthcoming Spotlight Event

By Catherine Considine
Challenging the terminology – Global Majority. And forthcoming Spotlight Event

The following is from the Diverse Squad – the PMA racial diversity working group, also working with Casting Directors.

From the Diverse Squad
The Diverse Squad have been having ongoing conversations with the Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) group for the Casting Directors, regarding the terminology, Global Majority. As flagged in our recent PMA lunch meeting, we have raised our concerns with said wording, as we feel it is another form of ‘othering’ and should not be used – the wording to us feels another alternative to the terminology BAME which is no longer used by casting directors

By grouping all non Caucasian actors, the nuance is that the collective group of individuals do not have an identity and of course everyone has their own cultural references, heritage etc and as such should be recognised for their differences.
The perfect scenario would be to specify someone’s ethnicity on a Spotlight breakdown, or list ALL ethnicities and by doing that subtle change, it feels more inclusive

As you will have seen there is a forthcoming Spotlight industry evening on the 28th September to discuss / debate the above. As it is vitally important that all voices are heard on this matter, it would be great to have as many Agents to join the conversation, support and find out more …

Diverse Squad