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Covid cases in theatre casts

By RebeccaKirby
Covid cases in theatre casts

Evening all,

I’ve had two clients call me today regarding Covid outbreaks within a cast.

One client was “told off” by their company manager for testing. She was staying with someone vulnerable and felt she had no choice but to test. When she tested positive yesterday, she left her digs immediately and informed the company manager. Despite feeling well enough to perform they would not allow her to go on last night, yet they’ve said she’s fine to do the two shows today. She is now worried they will deduct her pay for yesterday, just because she told them she tested positive.

My other client is not feeling great (there are confirmed Covid cases in the cast already) and has been told she is absolutely not to test. I suspect this is because she’s the lead!

The Government advice is currently to try to stay at home if you can, but otherwise carry on. Has anyone else come up against this problem? Do you have any advice? On the run up to Christmas I fear this will only get worse.

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