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Domino Day – Future Media

By KimDonovan
Domino Day – Future Media

Hello All!

I feel like I am very late in the day on this, so, apologies for sending out a message that potentially could’ve been more useful if flagged a few months ago.

I am being told by Business Affairs on Domino Day that all Agents have signed off on clause 13.8 within their Special Stips which they have confirmed is intended to clear this production from any financial obligation in the event that they exploit the show in any media not currently contemplated by the Pact/Equity Agreement.

I’m talking to Equity about this and we’re pushing back but I just wanted to flag this to any Agents who have seen these Stips.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has also pushed back on this or is still looking at the paperwork (I’m being told I am the last one, so, it may just be me!)

Thank you,