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Hollyoaks – Lime Pictures – Withholding of Pay

By Mildred Yuan
Hollyoaks – Lime Pictures – Withholding of Pay

Hi all,

Further to my message a few weeks ago, after much stomping around Lime agreed to remove the offending clause which withholds pay if they are unhappy with our client’s work (in this case a director), but only for the current block my client is on. They want to negotiate an amendment for all future blocks, and as I know many of you have had issues with this clause, I thought it may be more efficient for a PMA-wide effort, together with Directors UK.

Could you let me know whether you would like to be looped in and be a part of this?

The latest amendment offered by Lime below for information – it acknowledges that an investigation should take place, but it is a partial investigation undertaken by Lime and they still get to deem what is ‘reasonable’ which I think is a get-out-of-jail-free card for Lime when they decide for whatever reason they don’t want to pay a client for work they’ve done:

The Company reserves the right to withhold payment to the Intermediary where, in the opinion of the Company, the Services provided by the Intermediary or the Individual do not meet the standards required by the Company in terms of quality and/or timing of delivery. The Company will only withhold payment for a reasonable period of time whilst it investigates such issues and provided it receives full co-operation from the Intermediary / Individual. The period in which payment is withheld will depend on the nature of the investigation but the Company will, where possible, endeavour to expedite the investigation so that the withholding of any payment is kept to a minimum.

Please do get in touch if you would like be involved / informed!

All best wishes,