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Ita O’Brien – Intimacy guidelines update and request to membership

By samdodd
Ita O’Brien – Intimacy guidelines update and request to membership

Dear Fellow Members,
Following Ita O’Brien’s presentation to The PMA in July about proposed new S** on Set Guidelines (** so this email wouldn’t go into your spam folder), and the wonderful press coverage we’ve had this week about the guidelines and our campaign to get them implemented across the business, we are now looking for further anonymous anecdotal evidence to add to the campaign.
As mentioned at the presentation in July, Ita is now asking for actors who have been affected, to anonymously tell us their stories. Be it a big, or small incident, if an actor has been made to feel uncomfortable or sexually compromised, including times when they have felt vulnerable or coerced into doing more than expected whilst shooting an intimate scene we would be grateful to hear of their experiences.
We ask that specific individuals and/or productions are not named, to protect the anonymity of anyone either involved or submitting information. All information received will be treated in the strictest confidence and in compliance with applicable data protection laws.
If you are happy to submit anecdotal evidence on a confidential basis, we ask that you email your anonymous stories and experiences to
To be clear, we are only asking for anecdotal evidence of bad working practices and experience whilst on set or in the audition/rehearsal rooms – not for anything outside of this remit.
The experiences submitted will be used by us to understand more about the types of incidents people have suffered or been exposed to (including any common or shared experiences) and may be used anonymously as part of our campaign for the industry to adopt the proposed S** on Set Guidelines. If you have any questions about how this information will be used, please email the address above or call either of us.
Whilst telling their story can be a moment of empowerment for some, it is also incredibly important that we practice self-care. If your client feels that he/she would like to talk further about the incident we would suggest the support services listed below.
Many thanks in advance for your help and support in bringing forward this necessary change to our business.
Samantha Dodd, Chris Carey and Ita O’Brien
Carey Dodd Associates Limited are collecting anonymous anecdotal evidence and anonymous personal experiences in connection with the S** on Set Guidelines campaign. To the extent applicable (including where information is not submitted anonymously), Carey Dodd Associates Limited will be the data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998. By submitting experiences, information or anecdotal evidence to, you consent to us processing in accordance with our privacy policy personal data (including sensitive personal data) that you have submitted to us. Your data will not be used for any direct marketing purposes. For further information please refer to our privacy policy:
Support services
Equality and Human Rights Commission – Sexual Harassment – 0845 604 6610
NHS Direct Helpline: 0845 46 47
Victim Support 0845 30 30 900
Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre 0808 802 9999
National Domestic Violence Helpline 08457 023 047
The Rape and Abuse Line 0808 800 0123
Women’s Aid Federation of England 0808 2000 247″