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ITV Continuing Dramas – brief notes from meeting between agents and Equity, yesterday

By Catherine Considine
ITV Continuing Dramas – brief notes from meeting between agents and Equity, yesterday

Equity gave an update on negotiations on the ITV agreement and an overview of pay claim negotiation for the uplift to the minimum fees and rates in the collective agreement for 2024.

As a result of the balloting process and engaging with [Equity] members on the casts it has become clear that, in the payclaim, cast wanted to see a decent increase to the annualised standby and production day payment they receive. They also raised other issues including agents lack of ability to negotiate (on episode fee and minimum episode guarantee) and restrictions they face on doing other work outside the continuing dramas.

Equity asked agents if they had any ideas about how we can work together to improve these issues but the main focus of the meeting was understanding the current offer from ITV on the payclaim (see below). Equity are currently balloting members on this and expect it to be accepted:

In 2024:

A 6.5% increase to the regular cast annual buyout of the standby and production days which will increase from £14,200 to £15,123) – this is a 2.5% increase from the previous offer of 4%.

6% uplift on the minimum episode fee (£479.24 uplifted to £508) and 4% on all other minimum fees in the collective agreement.

This will be implemented from 1st February 2024.

In 2025:

An additional 2.5% increase on top of the negotiated uplift to all minimum fees in the ITV collective agreement to be applied to the annual buyout of production and standby days.

From 2026 onwards, the negotiated uplift to the minimum fees under the collective agreement will be applied to the annual buyout of the production days and standby days for regular cast.

ITV have also committed to discussing all requests to be released for other work within their current guidelines with assurances that where cast can be released, they will be. The importance for cast members to be able to do this in order to earn additional income is understood and appreciated. We will continue to liaise with Equity Deputies and members to evaluate how this is working in practice and where it can be improved.