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Juvenile / Kids Castings/Licensing/Casting Briefs

By PaulByram
Juvenile / Kids Castings/Licensing/Casting Briefs

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gents,
Last week at the meeting the topic of Child Licensing was touched upon. If a working party has been set-up to discuss this and other issues surrounding kids I would be very interested in being part of this, if it hasnt been set up then I believe there are certainly issues to discuss such as inappropriate castings briefs, unrealistic expectations with regard to children, sometimes proposals of illegal practices and complete disregard of licensing and last but by no means least ridiculously low offers of payment for juveniles often resulting in parents potentially being out of pocket (even on major West End productions)
The kids of today are of course the future of our business and I believe the PMA, CDG and Spotlight should be working together to ensure appropriate levels of courtesy and care are being afforded juveniles.
Feel free to get in touch with me reagrding this, as a newbie to the PMA I might not be the right person to drive this forward but after working with kids on the West End, in Film and TV I do have a reasonable amount of experiences (good and bad)