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KSW Productions again

By PaulByram
KSW Productions again

The title of KSW latest production I find to be inappropriate, offensive and out of context. I understand that this term was used (although not in the context suggested by KSW as I understand)
I have ‘reported concern’ to Spotlight and I urge all other members to do so. KSW appears to have no respect whatsoever for anyone in this business, when not offering ludicrously low amounts of money to actors, shes either insulting agents or stealing copyright/trademarks to enhance or self indulgent productions (look at the logos used for Romeo &Juliet 2014)
I would simply prefer not to see casting briefs from KSW and have again asked Spotlight to provide a filter that we can use to filter out by name!
I understand from previous comments on this board that other PMA members agree with me completely on this matter in regard to this “casting director”
Rant over.