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Post Sync and ADR standard fees for Killing Eve

By Suzann Wade
Post Sync and ADR standard fees for Killing Eve

Dear Agent
I have been fighting for my client the past 3 weeks to be paid a post sync fee at least as they kept saying it was ADR i.e., £185, post sync is £271. I have asked for more than this and they said that every actor on Killing Eve has accepted this fee.
It is my understanding that the post-sync fee is not a ‘blanket fee’ which they keep telling me. In the PACT/EQUITY agreement.,
Clause (T18) states:
‘The Producer shall pay to the Artist not less than £271 when the Artist is required to attend for a session not exceeding four hours spread over five hours, either before the break for lunch or after such break for the purpose of post-synchronisation. This payment shall not attract any additional use payments.’
Hence these are set minimum rates and agents have the right to negotiate above those minimums. They have also said that EVERYONE has accepted this BASIC RATE irrespective of the credits of the artist/engagement fee? IS THIS TRUE??? They have not revised their offer so what happens now if they don’t want to increase their offer – do they not use the recording? Thanks Suzann