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Spotlight Filters

By PaulByram
Spotlight Filters

I’d really like to filter out casting briefs by Casting Director, we all know who the offensive ones are!
I mean advertising shows when they are using internationally recognised trademarks without consent of the owner surely can’t be a good thing and is bound to lead to trouble!
Casting Directors can choose who they brief jobs to so isn’t it time we can choose to not have our senses abused with these offensive casting briefs.
Filtering by monetary value alone isn’t enough, everybody by knows of the recent feature film that was briefed Equity minimum even though the Director/Producer never paid out anything at all on his last Equity minimum job.
Come on Spotlight, please provide us with more assistance getting rid of these ‘fly by nights’ and ‘chancers’
In an ideal world they wouldn’t be permitted to brief jobs at all but until that time if can at least filter out the rubbish.
I hope enough PMA members agree with me here so we can urge Spotlight to push these changes through. I appreciate the recent changes Spotlight have made however we need to remain one step ahead of the cowboys.