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URGENT – Philadelphia Commercial

By FionaKeddie-Ord
URGENT – Philadelphia Commercial

Hi All,
Would appreciate your immediate attention if you are involved. Our client has been offered this commercial. The breakdown on spotlight stated it was an equity rate at 250 BSF and 2k Buyout so quite rightly, we and our client asked for confirmation on the number of TVRs this was to cover for UK TV. Claire at Croccodile is not too pleased at all, she does not know the TVRs and the producer is refusing to commit to a number, so she is now applying pressure stating all other agents have accepted happily and we are putting her in an awkward position unnecessarily…our client must be very fortunate to turn down a few grand…unquote. We all know the obvious reasons for needing to know the TVRs ahead of time and when a client is under offer, the producer has never refused to confirm this information. If any of you have a client involved in the campaign, can you call Eddie in the office asap…we have until before noon to give a yey or ney (and presumably be blacklisted by said casting director for causing trouble). Anyone who wants to just throw in their tuppence worth is very welcome, it remains to be a ridiculous battle to keep the artists on a simple minimum rate for usage as advertised in the original breakdowns. Number is 0207 836 6802.
Many Thanks